I have a _____ allergy. Can I eat your delicious ice creamy treats?

Our motto is ice cream for everyone! While we might not have a fit for everyone’s needs and pallete just yet, it’s our mission to get there with time. And we are happy to share the common allergens found in our current in-house made offering:

  • Dairy ice cream: milk, cream, eggs, sugar

  • Vegan ice cream: coconut, cashew, soy lecithin, guar gum, sugar

  • Waffle Cones: Flax seed, oat flour, coconut, guar gum, sugar

We also have a full ingredient lists at our bus!

How does sliding scale work?

Choose your own price. We do have a minimum for each cone: $1 for two bite, $2 for standard, $3 for Big

What is your favorite color?


Why is your FAQ so short?

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